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Red Nose Recycling

Are you recycling your Red Nose?

On a day like today it’s probably not fair to harp on about waste in our country. It’s more a time to think about the challenges facing children and families in countries where survival is the primary concern.

In our office lots of people are either wearing red or a silly outfit and paying for the privilege. People in normal clothing are paying even more! Also some rather fancy looking cakes are being sold with proceeds going to Comic Relief. To be honest I haven’t seen that many Red Noses, perhaps because in an organisation concerned with waste it might not be the done thing to wear a disposable rubber schnoz.

However, for those of you who are wearing such a thing, please don’t just throw it away at the end of the day. Sainsbury’s are operating a take-back scheme for the noses. To quote their website:

“The great news is that our new Red Noses are recyclable! After Red Nose Day, if you wish to recycle your Nose, just return it to your local Sainsbury’s store and they’ll take care of the rest. (But don’t put it in your household recycling – our Noses need special care!)”

So there you go. Enjoy the day.


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