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We all know what it’s like to keep putting something off that we really should have started ages ago, whether it’s sorting out that cupboard at the top of the stairs which hasn’t seen the light of day for years, organising your personal files and papers instead of squeezing them into the draw in which you can never find anything when you need to, or even getting around to redecorating, which was just the bedroom that needed doing when you originally thought of doing something, but now seems to have turned into the whole house.  Before you know it the job seems far too big to tackle, with no easy starting point so it’s easier to pretend you can’t see it, rather than thinking of how good it will be when the job is actually finished.

That’s where Start comes in.  It’s the new project established by HRH The Prince of Wales being launched in Scotland by Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) and their Mayday Network in partnership with Essential Edinburgh.  Start promotes and celebrates sustainable living, showcasing best practice examples and providing people with positive messages and easy starting points to begin their sustainable living journey.  HRH The Prince of Wales will be attending the national launch event ‘Start in St Andrew Square’ festival in Edinburgh from Saturday 4th to Monday 6th September which will focus on the key themes of Transport, Energy, Waste, Food/Lifestyle.


Start hopes to build on the success of The Mayday Network, which now has over 2,800 businesses across the UK committed to tackling climate change and creating sustainable business practice.  The network is free to join and asks that your business is dedicated to tackling the effects of climate change.  The benefits of joining the network to your business range from saving money to free support.  The businesses involved in The Mayday Network will play an integral role in developing Start and supporting consumers on the same journey which they have already been through.

If you are an individual or a business who is interested in finding out more, why not join The Mayday Network or go along to one of the Start events so that you can become involved at the beginning of this new journey.  Go on, give it a try, you know what happens when you keep putting it off.


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